Many publishers benefit from Hada News sharing links to their articles. We have has an Open Content Policy that allows both large mainstream publishers and smaller websites and bloggers to reap the benefits of having their links included in our services.


To qualify for inclusion in the network, your website must be able to demonstrate consistently high quality content for at least the last six months. In addition, you and your site must be able to comply with our Publisher Terms and Conditions, which include our Editorial Standards, Code of Conduct and Issue Resolution Procedures and our Technical Guide

We realise that these requirements will be quite demanding for some publishers. Therefore, to save time, you should read them carefully and make sure that you and your website are able to meet them before you apply.

How to apply

If you are confident that you and your website meets these requirements, please click here to read our Applications Guide. To apply, you will need to Contact Us. Please note that we are not able to provide technical support or advice for non-qualified sites.

Notifications and Assistance

If you need assistance please contact us [email protected]