Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


Cookies are small text files that (depending on your browser settings) are deposited on your computer’s disk when you visit a site and may be sent back to that site when you visit again.

We may use cookies to store user preferences and certain other pieces of data in the course of providing our services, as explained in further detail below.

If you carry on using our sites, we’ll assume that you are fine with our use of cookies in these ways, but you can disable any of these cookies at any time if you wish – as explained below in the “Controlling cookies” section.

How we use cookies

Some cookies may only be set if you have registered with and have logged in. Some other cookies are only set if you have not registered or have not logged in. Some cookies may be set whether you have registered and have logged in, or not. Some cookies are only set for the mobile version of the site, some are only set for the ‘classic’ (non-mobile) version of the site, and some are set for both, as indicated below.

The cookies listed below do not contain any information that, in itself, personally identifies you and do not provide us with access to the rest of your device. We may, however, associate the information contained in cookies with personal information that you have provided to us separately, such as when you submit an enquiry via a website form.

Below we have listed some of the cookies that we set, and details of what we use them for.

cookie_policy – Cookie policy cookie.

We use this cookie to remember if you have accepted our cookie policy on either this news site, so that we can avoid showing the message about cookies again.Set for all users who use the desktop or mobile site.

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